Taking care of our local communities and society

[Our employees' activities for local communities] Beautification around the Yamagata Plant

Since 2017, our employees from the Yamagata Plant have carried out cleanup activities around the plant as part of our company's activities to serve local communities. The activities mainly involve picking up litter on the roads around the plant in spring and autumn, but in 2019, the employees also cleaned the windows of a welfare center.
Although the amount of litter collected is becoming less every year, we will continue to carry out these cleanup activities around the area to keep contributing to local communities.

History of beautification activities for local communities

Year of activity Location of beautification activity Number of participants
2017 April 20: Picking up litter on the roads around Kanaya Plant Park 14people
June 15: Picking up litter on the roads around Murayama Station East Exit 14people
August 24: Picking up litter on the roads around Murayama City Shoyo Plaza 14people
2018 April 23: Picking up litter on the roads around Kanaya Plant Park 15people
September 20: Picking up litter on the roads around Kanaya Plant Park 20people
2019 April 11: Picking up litter on the roads around Kanaya Plant Park 10people
September 12: Cleaning at the welfare center near the plant (window cleaning) 9people
2020 June 16: Picking up litter on the roads around Kanaya Plant Park 11people
2021 April 27: Picking up litter on the roads around Kanaya Plant Park 15people

[Contribution to local communities] Donation of “Assist Wheel” electric wheelchairs

Every year since fiscal 2008, the Yamagata Plant has been donating Assist Wheel electric wheelchairs to local municipalities in the prefecture, aiming to contribute to local communities. This is part of our company's social action, and the local municipalities and facilities are very appreciative with our donations. We provided one unit in 2021, bringing a cumulative total to 23 units. We hope Assist Wheel will continue helping many people.

Donation recipients of Assist Wheel

Year of donation Donation recipients: Name of municipalities and facilities Number of units donated
2008 Murayama City “Higashizawa Rose Park” No.1 2
Murayama City “Kua House Goten Onsen“
2009 Higashine City Hall 2
Tendo City “Yamagata Prefectural General Sports Urban Park Corporation”
2010 Obanazawa City “Tokurako Onsen” 2
Oishida Town Office
2011 Murayama City “Higashizawa Rose Park” No.2 2
Yamagata Prefectural Office
2012 Shinjo City “Yamagata Prefectural Shinjo Hospital” 1
2013 Murayama City “Higashizawa Rose Park” No.3 2
Kahoku Town “Yamagata Prefectural Kahoku Hospital”
2014 Tendo City “Tendo City Nozomi Gakuen” 2
Higashine City “Kitamurayama Hospital”
2015 Tsuruoka City “Yamagata Prefectural Tsuruoka Hospital” 2
Murayama City “Murayama City Social Welfare Council Comprehensive Welfare Support Center“
2016 Yamagata City “Yamagata Prefectural Central Hospital” 2
Obanazawa City “Obanazawa City Cultural and Sport Facility Salnato”
2017 Yamagata City “Yamagata Prefectural Yamagata Special Needs School” 2
Higashine City “Tokoen - Yamagata Prefectural Recreation Center for Physically Challenged People”
2018 Oishida Town “Oishida Community General Support Center” 2
Murayama City “Yamagata Prefectural Tateoka Special Needs School”
2019 Murayama City “Higashizawa Nursing Home for the Elderly” 1
2021 Murayama City “Mogamigawa Museum of Art” 1

[Global warming countermeasures] Green curtains

"Since 2019, the Yamagata Plant has been installing “green curtains” on the office windows on the first floor to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to raise our employees' awareness of global warming countermeasures. The “green curtains” refer to vine plants covering the windows like curtains. They are expected not only to block direct sunlight but also to suppress the rise in room temperature through the transpiration from leaves. This will enable us to reduce the use of air conditioners, which will reduce our energy consumption such as electricity, thereby reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, a cause of global warming. In addition, the green curtains provide a soothing and visually cooling effect. Also, employees can freely take home the vegetables growing on the vine plants.
We will continue such activities to further reduce CO2 emissions."

[Caring for the environment] Mangrove tree planting event at our Thai subsidiary

One of our overseas bases, Nabtesco Automotive Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd., has been planting mangrove trees at the tidal flats of the Bangpu Nature Education Centre in the Samut Prakan Province since 2013. The aim of these activities is to interact with local people and contribute to solving local environmental issues. Mangroves reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by absorbing it; therefore, are expected to be effective in preventing global warming, purifying seawater, maintaining and restoring ecosystems, and preventing natural disasters.
In August 2019, our three group companies in Thailand gathered for a tree planting event. It turned out to be a sizable event with a total of 357 of the employees and their families planting 2,300 seedlings, bringing the cumulative total of planted seedlings to 5,870. Although we had to cancel our tree planting activities in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we plan to continue our efforts to address global environmental issues and take part in social action.