Nabtesco Automotive’s Manufacturing

Production Systems

Central base for domestic production and industrial technology development

Japanese automakers are recognized as global leaders in quality and production management methods. Our Yamagata Plant was established in 1991. Its production facilities are designed and manufactured completely in-house by specialists of each process so as to optimize high-mix, low-volume production. This setting has enabled us to flexibly and quickly cater to the demands of our customers in the automobile industry.
Our global standard management system strictly controls our quality assurance. Fully automated machining facilities ensure high accuracy and high efficiency. These systems ensure a high-quality and minimum-cost production system. Nabtesco Automotive will continue developing overseas production bases and will pass on the technologies accumulated as assets, with Yamagata Plant as its mother plant.

  • Manufacturing Processes

    The optimal layout of specialized and general equipment provides the most-efficient manufacturing process, enabling us to respond to the diverse needs of our customers. We pursue second-to-none manufacturing technology through collaboration among specialists in manufacturing facilities and artisans that create special jigs.

  • Surface Treatment Process

    Having a surface treatment process in-house, we can quickly transfer products to the assembly process. Our surface treatment process, including the cleaning and drying processes, features the fastest processing speed in the industry.

  • Assembly Process

    Our assembly process is configured in pursuit of the highest efficiency. Our assembly facilities are designed and manufactured in-house, achieving both high quality and minimum cost. We continuously improve our assembly process so as to strengthen our competitive global position.

  • Nabtesco Automotive Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (NAPT)

    NAPT carries out production at the same quality standards as our Yamagata Plant, providing high-quality products to customers in Southeast Asia. NAPT is an important strategic base for Nabtesco Automotive toward becoming the no.1 brake manufacturer in Asia.

  • Minda Nabtesco Automotive Pvt. Ltd.

    Minda Nabtesco Automotive Pvt. Ltd. was established to expand our business in India's growing commercial vehicle market. It provides Japanese quality and low-cost products to customers in India.