Company Information

Message from the president

Pursuing safety, comfort, and a sense of security in transportation systems and contributing to the evolution of trucks and buses in Japan and overseas

In 1937, we developed Japan's first air brake system for commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses. Over the ensuing 80 years, we have remained a pioneer and an industry leader in air brake systems for commercial vehicles.

Our ultimate mission is the pursuit of safety, comfort and a sense of security. To realize this mission, we have been committed to the development of innovative technologies for motion control. These efforts led our Air Dryer and Wedge Chamber (for commercial vehicles) to come to hold the largest market share in Japan. Today, our products provide truck and bus manufacturers with peace of mind and end-users with a reliable, safe, and comfortable environment.

Our passion has remained unchanged since the establishment of our company: To have as many customers as possible feel joy and a sense of satisfaction via our products and services.

We will continue refining our unique world-class technological capabilities and will strive to become a brake system manufacturer that can further evolve trucks and buses.