Product Lineup

Standard Wedge Chamber

Brake chamber used for wedge brake systems; converts air pressure into mechanical forces; the aluminized base parts contribute to vehicle weight reduction.

Spring Wedge Chamber (Double-diaphragm Type)

Spring chamber for wedge brake systems equipped with service brake and parking brake functions; the parking brake part features a diaphragm structure to provide excellent robustness.

Standard Chamber

Brake chamber for S-cam brake systems; converts air pressure into mechanical force

Spring Chamber (Piston Type)

Spring chamber for S-cam brake systems equipped with service brake and parking brake functions; the parking brake part has a piston structure with an internal air circulation function to provide excellent water resistance.

Electronically Controlled Air Dryer (Without ECU)

Uses a solenoid valve to control the governor part and the counter-flow regeneration part; signals via the vehicle's ECU to control the solenoid valve

Air Dryer (Without Purge Tank)

The simplest air dryer available; three types of cartridges are set according to the volume of oil emission from the compressors.

Module Air Dryer (With Purge Chamber)

Integrated with a purge tank and modularized with an MPRV (Multi-Protection & Reducing Valve); the method of assembling the purge tank has been improved for higher maintainability.

Air Dryer for Medium-duty Vehicles (With Purge Tank)

Air dryer integrated with a purge tank; used for medium-sized trucks and applications with low air consumption; compatible with both suction-unloaded-type and delivery-unloaded-type compressors

Oil Mist Separator

Installed downstream from the compressor so as to remove oil discharged from the compressor; also reduces the temperature of the air flowing into the air dryer

Oil Catcher™ (oil catch tank)

Has a special filter that catches drainage (water, oil) from the exhaust port of an air dryer and discharges only air; easy disposal of accumulated drainage

Multi-protection Valve

Retains the compressed air required in the event of air system failure; one unit can control up to four circuits.

Parking Brake Valve

Functions as a parking brake lever and activates the parking brake of the spring chamber; two settings are available for trucks and buses (two-port type) and for tractors (three-port type).

Brake Valve

Converts the pedal force into air pressure so as to control the brake system; the silencer-mounted type is available to comply with regulations for compressed air exhaust noise.

Relay Valve

Improves the responsiveness of air systems and prevents delays in brake systems and exhaust emissions; installation of a double check valve is optional.

Solenoid Valve with Locking Mechanism

Uses electrical signals to switch on and off; does not require energization for retaining, due to the use of a permanent magnet

Pressure-reducing Valve

Reduces the source/inlet pressure of compressed air and supplies appropriate pressure into the downstream line

Hose Coupling

Used for air piping connection between the trailer and the tractor head; HE-1 is used for the tractor and is equipped with a check valve. HC-2 is used for the trailer.

Relay Emergency Valve

Relay valve with the emergency brake function added. The emergency brake activates automatically when the braking circuit is damaged or when separating the tractor from the trailer.

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